While reading several articles about how to get the most out of a job fair, we ran across several tips that made us think how dynamics change when a career fair becomes virtual.

Some common tips were:

1. Don’t be afraid to leave your resume at every booth.

2. Dress professionally.

3. Know what you want.

4. Don’t eat the candy or collect too much so as to look greedy.

So how do those tips change with a virtual career fair?

1. With a virtual career fair with HyperFair, students not only won’t be afraid to leave their resume at every table, as soon as their avatars approach representative avatars, they can exchange resume information right along with chatting about companies and jobs.

2. All avatars have both casual and professional outfits—you get to choose what impression to give! No more standing in front of the closet worrying about which outfit looks professional—all you need is a nice shirt so you can do Skype video chats with company reps.

3. Knowing what you want is great. The advantage to a virtual career fair, however, is that as you think about the career fair later, you will still have the information you collected and can re-contact company reps.

4. No goodies in a virtual career fair, but since you’re at a computer somewhere, you can be eating what you like and before instigating a Skype video chat, you can check your appearance.

What other tips do you think change when they’re applied to an online career fair instead of a traditional career fair?


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