This site gives a great outline of considerations for choosing an event vendor. Here it is:

*Budget and Value

*Reputable and Experienced

*Communication skills


*Record Everything

What we like about this list is that it’s got some great tips, and even better, it still applies in the case of virtual vendors like HyperFair, and we think we get a good grade by the above standards!

*Budget and Value: We are budget-friendly for both organizers, and attendees save money on travel.

*Reputable and Experienced: We have a great reputation and experience (especially in Europe!)—our past organizers have been satisfied.

*Communication Skills: We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate in an effective, friendly, and timely manner. Whenever someone shows interest, we can send an entire information pack that we have put together in anticipation of the majority of questions, and we are very available by many modes of communication for further questions.

*Personality: We have Italian founders—that’s probably enough said!

*Record Everything: We make sure to send clear and simple written messages, with great documentation of business and even summaries for confirmation of our interactions.

Sure, this sounds like we’re bragging. But really, we at HyperFair like to talk to and help people and we enjoy doing those things well. We welcome you to get to know more about us and confirm for yourself:

a DOT ballarini AT hyperfair DOT com

If you have any questions ask us in chat on our website.