As winter approaches, Hyperfair is revving up for our busiest months yet. Not only are we prepping for the upcoming four virtual trade shows set to take place on our newest version of the platform (to be released at the November 27th IFD event), but we are also simultaneously pursuing new customers globally through out both the live and virtual trade show, career fair, and expo industries.

This whirlwind of activity is gaining notoriety and over the past two weeks Hyperfair has been popping up in some of the most notable tech industry publications. First, last week by the German technology industry experts at T3N (article translated and linked below) and then this week by the masters of all things tech, TechCrunch (linked below).

Things have never been busier for Hyperfair and we are pushing forward with gusto. As CEO Marco Campanari says, “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.”

A 3D world for business: Virtual conferences instead of offline expos

Thanks to Hyperfair, users can visit trade shows and conferences online just like in the real world. They can meet other people, exchange business cards, visit stands, and listen to presentations, all in the form of avatars in a 3D ambience. This start-up offers a fascinating approach to the 3D world, explaining the many possibilities – also in business.

HyperFair: virtual events with pavilions, booths and posters

Most of us associate the 3D world with game aspects: avatars exploring alien worlds that, depending on the game, build houses, fight or do other things. The California start-up Hyperfair shows us that 3D can be rather interesting also for the business world. It offers the possibility of organizing exhibitions and conferences online while taking advantage of all the benefits that would be obtained by visiting a traditional event.

The organizers can create online events in a very simple way with Hyperfair, choosing from a variety of settings, such as the fair venue and the view outside.

Inside a virtual exhibition is everything you would expect in a real event: pavilions, signage, exhibition facilities. And many different avatars.

The visitor who participates in an online event first chooses an avatar, changing at will the clothing, hair and personal information. With the arrow keys on the keyboard, the avatar moves inside the halls and when he meets someone else, he can know who is in front of him thanks to the badge that appears by pointing the mouse cursor on the avatar.

It is possible to communicate with visitors via chat or send your business card, while the search function allows visitors to find specific people or companies.

It is the ability to easily meet others that initially brought the Hyperfair team into the virtual world. The approach is the same one used by online-dating, even if the common interests are purely commercial.

According to Andrea Ballarini, COO of HyperFair, it is not to replace the actual events, but to integrate them in a conscious way. In this way visitors can get an idea of a preview of the companies, people and products they are interested in and then contact you directly to arrange an appointment with the exhibitors. “You can hardly capture leads leaving only a name on a list. This is a great advantage that Hyperfair offers. “

HyperFair curates the presentation of products and promotional banners

The transposition of display elements in the virtual world exhibition is perhaps more fun and engaging. Visitors will not only walk in the halls, but also visit booths, viewing videos and products, or attend presentations in the dedicated area. There can also be questions from the audience thanks to the presence of a moderator.

Hyperfair not only manages the virtual platform for the event online, but also takes care of all the details, such as the presentation of products in an appropriate manner and the presence of the organizer and the event logo on banners and billboards within of exhibition spaces.

The Hyperfair platform is browser-based so there is no need to install any software and you can connect directly and free of charge from the web. The start-up, of Italian origin, offers a demo tour of the platform every Friday to all those who are interested in organizing events online.

Hyperfair already has customers in Germany. In fact, the virtual trade fair company is organizing, which will take place in early December, in collaboration with the German company Local Global.

Anyone can sign up to receive the day before the fair, an e-mail reminder. More information about the event can be found here:

Hyperfair shows that the 3D virtual world is not only oriented to online games, but it has a great potential also in the business sector. The feedback so far is very positive. Even those who are not very familiar with Internet applications have been enthusiastic, says Ballarini.


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