“Event organizers must look to virtual events as viable profit centers.” – Michelle Bruno

We couldn’t agree more!

Today we are linking an older article that addresses a common question we find in the industry, how does one make money off a virtual trade show? This article, though considerably old for the tech industry (published in August of 2010) does a great job describing the problem many event organizers still run into.

The benefit to end users of virtual trade show is clear, but what isn’t clear is how those in the middle who put on these events will benefit. The writer highlights the fact that the most visible platforms charge a large set-up fee that consumes most any profits. She goes further to say that this usually results in only larger organizations with big budgets being able to host such events.

At Hyperfair, that is something we don’t do. We want everyone to be able to host a virtual trade show so we designed a unique business model for the industry that makes us a great fit for organizers of all sizes and budgets.

Bruno’s article here: