Today most all companies have an online presence. Of those companies nearly 75% of Fortune 500s and 90% of small businesses say they use social media. With the outstanding participation suggested by those numbers it’s a wonder that we don’t see more social media activity on the company side. Or is it? The Fortune 500s we can assume have at least one if not many employees with the sole occupation of manning the company’s presence and interaction across the major platforms. These are the rock stars of the social media world. However, for businesses who don’t have the resources to devote full time to online engagement blogs fall behind, events go un-tweeted, followers are ignored, and any impact these social media efforts might have had evaporate. So what is a business owner to do? Dave Kerpen suggests “5 Social Media Marketing Platforms Worth Your Immediate Attention” these tools are a great start to getting your social media accounts under control in as little time as possible. Read here to learn more: