This years Launch Festival is the host of nearly 300 start ups. With that many participants plus the 6,000+ registered attendees it’s easy to see it’s going to be a full house. With so many people to see and presentations to attend it’s almost a given that the average person is only going to see a fraction of the whole event.

To bridge this gap Launch Festival organizers teamed up with MicroVentures and SourceBits, to create an app that allows all attendees (VCs and us regular folks alike) to “invest” in companies they find interesting. Though no money is changing hand (the app deals in fake dollars) this real time rating system allows all to see who the “must see” companies are. Making for a more efficient live experience.

Kudos to Launch Festers for the innovative use of technology at a live expo. Of course we at Hyperfair can think of another great tool for your next event.

Read more on this live crowdfunding app here: