If you work in downtown San Francisco you may have noticed that the last week or so things emptied out a bit: fewer people on the bus, shorter lines for coffee. You may have even noticed a certain demographic missing. WHERE DID ALL THE STARTUPERS GO? Before any of us got too worried everyone was back again and the wait for the morning dose of caffeine was back to usual. But where did they go? Why?

This mass exodus happened for South By Southwest, a yearly film, music, and interactive festival in Austin, Texas. The interactive portion of this years event was set to highlight the start up scene outside our beloved Silicon Valley. With major groups coming in from New York, Chicago and Mexico City. I cannot attest to the start up exodus in these cities, but I imagine the line at Starbucks was ever so slightly shorter there too.

This diffusion of the Innovate itch is telling. The world has taken notice of the Bay Area startup fever and is recreating those dynamics at home. What does this mean for our beloved Silicon Valley? Will we see a permanent mass exodus of entrepreneurs being lured by incentives in more up and coming locals?

Most people out here will tell you, no. Flat out, no. We got the knowledge, the history, the big VCs all out here! The likely hood that SV will keep plugging along in the city by the bay is high. So what about those other guys? How will they connect with the industry’s home out on the best coast? At Hyperfair we think its simple. Let’s take this meeting virtual. See you in 3D!


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