With people connected to the internet almost constantly, events promotion has never been easier. You can now have your event, be it a massive industry event or dinner party, in front of your entire audience within seconds. Why then does it so often happen that we find ourselves after a huge email blast or an array of posts across the major social media platforms with no response? Those hours of silence, hearing nothing, but crickets from your targeted audience can be painful for any organizer. This unfortunate happenstance is, however, a direct result of a general miss understanding of the “how it works” of web marketing. Here Andy Crestodina, Strategic Director at Orbit breaks it down for us dividing events marketing on the web into three categories: Social Media, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. His 16 Event Promotion Tips  are a great place to start if you are dreading those pesky crickets when promoting your next event be it a live expo or a more virtual solution.


16 Event Promotion Tips