Thanks to head sets and voice activated apps like Siri for iPhones, the commute has become safer for us who like to chat with friends or respond to texts behind the wheel. Has it become more fun though? I say no. Having the option to fill my commute with mindless chatter isn’t that much of an improvement from the radio and people watching.

Insert Jeff Chen and James Zhang here. The pair launched Joyride yesterday and they have big plans for your commute. This voice activated app will keep you engaged and entertained throughout your commute. In fact the start up’s first application for Joyride is a game leading many to presume this app will take your commute to the next level, literally!

Ok enough with the cheesy lines. It is safe to say though, that this app will have a very positive effect on peoples day to day commute.

“The most important thing is that people are suffering in their cars,” Chen said. “They are these tiny little boxes with tiny little windows and we are going to turn cars into starships and make it fun and interesting and even safer. This is just the beginning. It is a cool, untapped area that has a lot of potential.”

With your commute moving online in Joyride, it’s clear that virtualization is on the rise. ”What’s next” you ask? We’ll keep you updated in our new Virtualize Your Life segment.