On Linked In, MIT Grad Student David Sengeh talks to us about the creative young people that Innovate Salone of Sierra Leone has brought to our attention. Young people doing everything like Susan Conteh creating cool new clothing designs from local textiles to Hamid Julloh designing remote control helicopters from recycled parts to Mohamed Harding building a robot in his room after taking a MIT course online.

While each used different levels of technology, it is clear all three blended technologies available to them with materials and elements around them showing they have a certain innovative and resourceful spirit. Sengeh goes on to tell us that this group will be heading to New York to the Interactive Design for Children conference where they will be exposed to a slew of new technologies. Seeing what these creative young people are designing already, one can only imagine the projects that will ensue post conference. It will be interesting to see how technology effects their designs and further more, how their designs will effect technology.