“Imagine, being able to reach out to dozens of domain industry companies and several thousand professionals at the same conference, who got together to share their products and services.

Imagine, visiting company booths, collecting brochures in your backpack and talking to hosts and fellow attendees – all without setting foot outside your office or getting too far from your kitchen table.”

On July 24th, 2014 attending Virtual Web Fair 2014 will be the way to experience all this in a 3D virtual event concerning Domain, Hosting and SEO industries.

Invented and organized by Michael Marcovici of the Domain Developers Fund and Domainindex, the event aims to attract thousand of attendees and dozens of exhibitors.

The event is going to take place on a sophisticated 3D platform provided by Hyperfair.com that replicates the look and feel of an exhibition venue complete with booths, décor, equipment — even plants and trees — so the environment is relaxed, friendly, and engaging to the virtual visitor. A map locates the user in the virtual venue and visitors have the option of navigating around the hall or jumping directly to places that interest them.

Videos and presentations are accessible through the virtual port and feedback facilities are available so users can let exhibitors and presenters know what they thought.

The immersive experience lasts for the whole day on July 24th, 2014. The current admission price is $19 as a contribution to the waterschool.com but organizers are looking at reducing this even further to encourage the widest participation possible.

About Domainindex: Domainindex.com is a leading provider of information around domain names, from appraisals to whois, droplists as well as more than 100 tools for domainers, SEO´s, hosters and law enforcement.

Click here to register and join the event on July 24th, 2014!