Is your content driving real business results?

Creating campaigns and generating buzz is nowadays an easy experience. Although sales teams often can’t do much with most of the demand that marketing creates. Marketers are expected to deliver higher-quality sales leads in a short term.

Trying to grab users attention is no longer enough. Content must provide relevant experiences that connect your customers.

Here are four effective ways to nurture sales leads with content:

1. Establish credibility and build trust.
Good content teaches prospects what they need to know about a topic. It makes it easy for them to complete tasks. Tutorials and educational resources allow your prospects to engage with your content, especially if you make it fun to learn.

2. Measure what matters.
Publishing and distributing content is only half the battle. Learn from feedback. Iterate, test, diagnose, deploy and measure. Maximize what works, and don’t be afraid to tweak anything that doesn’t. Marketing has become agile.

HyperFair_2014 - Arena _How to get leads

3. Keep it relevant.
Make your content all about your audience. Know your audience, what they like, what they gravitate to and what they look at and pay attention to. Create content that embraces those trends or even leads those trends.

4. Provide a path forward.
Orient your buyers. Help them build confidence in what you are doing by showing them a clear path toward achieving their own objectives. Let your content be their guide.

We must truly understand our prospects and nurture their initial interest, creating real demand through targeted, relevant content.