Connected Classrooms is the new Google project aiming to reach those students who don’t have the chance to study or travel to discover new and various life experiences.

Field trips, exactly as work trips, are usually restricted to points of interest that can be easily reached with a low money expense.

Exactly as our events, now, Google has a tool for enabling virtual visits to educational stops near and far via Hangouts.

Mountain View staff has just launched Connected Classrooms through Google+: a project that brings destinations students may never have the chance to experience in real life within reach inside their classrooms.

Trips to the Seattle Aquarium, Minnesota Zoo and Solar Impulse hangar are the first three stops for the program, and soon enough, teachers will be able sign up for virtual tours with over 20 partners.

There’s also the ability to collaborate with fellow educators and access content all within the confines for Google+. For a glimpse at the potential, head on past the break for a quick video teaser.

Virtual events are embracing and enhancing real life possibilities for everybody.

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