Many industries engage in trade shows, where company representatives from all over the world descend on a location to network and exhibit their products and services.
While these events are unquestionably beneficial, the physical format in which they happen presents many cumbersome and costly obstacles. For one, you have to fly your team to the location, which in today’s global marketplace means serious cost (and carbon emissions.). Secondly, exhibitors must bring elaborate display configurations (banners, tables, carpets) that not only cost serious money to make, but also have to meet the exact physical requirements of the trade show. Third, the whole ordeal can devour days, if not weeks, from your team’s schedule and carry a significant opportunity cost.

We live in the internet age, where a Skype call from Lhasa to Los Angeles doesn’t raise an eyebrow. It is also an age where we are necessarily learning to do more with less. When it comes to costly trade shows, something has got to give.

Introducing San Francisco-based Hyperfair, a virtual trade show platform that enables businesses around the world to exhibit and interact on the internet. CEO and Founder, Marco Campanari, founded the company in 2010 and oversaw the first product launch in 2012. His previous experience in telecommunications technology and private equity gives him a perfect springboard to disrupt the trade show industry with this exciting venture.

Hyperfair, Inc. is the sole company in the world to offer a platform for virtual events that is browser-based and 3D immersive through interacting avatars. To accommodate the trade show format, the product is designed for thousands of concurrent users with a customizable environment where users can walk through pavilions, teleport, visit booths, meet each other, exchange business cards, chat, and create meaningful connections. In sum, it is a social business experience that facilitates networking, lead generation and matching.

Hyperfair will likely be of interest to the diverse businesses that benefit from the traditional trade show, yet appreciate the time and cost-saving dimensions virtual interaction can create. To see Hyperfair in action, check out the video below. To meet the team click here. To request a demo and learn more, click here.

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