VR Hubs are a unique opportunity for hiring employers to find and meet the person they are looking for. This kind of technology attracts thousands of bright young adults seeking full-time, part-time, and summer employment opportunities.  Participating employers will be able to find young talents with the necessary skill set to meet the position’s requirements – without ever leaving their office. There is no cost to participate and the process is extremely easy.


In our VR Hubs job seekers can exchanged their business card with the interviewers and with their peers and submit their resume for job openings. This will allow either to chat instantly with the person of interest, or save the resume in a virtual bag for further review. All chats, business cards, and exchanged documents are available for download at any time.

There’s no doubt that a VR Hub can be a key instrument to extend your reach: they’re cost-effective, require few resources and reach a vast audience across multiple locations.

So, what are you waiting for? You’re good to go virtual.

Want to learn about VR Hubs dedicated to empowering students? Check out Expocrecer Universitaria and PSU World Campus Research Conference!

GTE Financial has a permanent VR Career Center in their VR Branch, GTE3D, learn more here.

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