On Friday Jennifer Maxfield, Assistant Vice President of Marketing at GTE Financial, joined Jason Dias (@eloquentonline) on his weekly radio show “The Power of Performance!“. Along with Dr David Tuyo (Power Financial Credit Union) they spoke about GTE3D, GTE Financial’s new virtual branch. It is a 3D virtual environment – that can be accessed by any computer – where anyone can discover the services provided by GTE Financial and consult with their staff.

GTE Financial chose to partner with Hyperfair to create a unique experience for their members; thanks to our avatar-based technology they can interact with the staff in a natural way and learn more about their products in a more fun and engaging way, all of this just by accessing the website from their computer.


Here is a snippet of the radio show, that you can listen in it’s entirety here.

Jason Dias: Tell us about this amazing GTE3D.

Jennifer Maxfield: So, yesterday was our grand opening, we did a virtual grand opening very similar to if we had opened a new physical location and we hosted about 200 avatars. These are real people that logged in, created a custom avatar and then explored our brand new GTE3D world, which is fully equipped with all of our awesome products and services, our staff was logged in engaging anybody who walked in the door and we even had a scavenger hunt contest too. People could win $25 Amazon gift cards if they found all the clues. It was just hoopla and fun galore.

JD: It was really, really cool. I enjoyed walking around, David you said you had the chance to explore a little bit, what did you think?

David Tuyo: I thought it was amazing, at first your mind is raging, restless thinking about the applications and how it can be leveraged and used, and of course you and I traded back and forth on emails about that. I just think that it is a powerful new medium of how to enhance engagement.

JD: I’ll tell you what, GTE Financial doesn’t push the envelope or think outside the box, they destroyed both those things a long long time ago. Jennifer Maxfield, or as I call her J-Max, I really thought it was, and I meant this, the coolest thing I’ve seen in 16 years of banking. And for it to come on the same day where y’all awarded not one but two grand prizes of 80 mortgage payments to two members, it was a pretty fantastic week out in Tampa and I appreciate you taking some time out of your day to join us. Congratulations!

JM: Thank you. I want to encourage you to visit GTEfinancial.org, on our homepage you can access GTE3D, we have avatars logged in now, and we’d love to see you in 3D!

JD: And you don’t have to be a member, you can just go explore. Even as a non-member, anybody is welcome!

GTE Financial is still celebrating the Grand Opening of GTE3D, join the festivities at https://www.gtefinancial.org/

If you have any questions ask us in chat on our website.