Last Friday our Marketing Program Manager Martina Ori was on the radio show “The Power of Performance!” with Jason Dias (@eloquentonline) and Troy Hall (@inthehallway).

They discussed VR environments and the impact they can have on revolutionizing internet banking, community engagement, and branding.

In a VR environment “everything that is aimed at engaging a community can be organized by companies to interact with customers or stakeholders and the important part is that it replicates real-life dynamics and it can really take the notion of brand and online banking to the next level because you can combine the sense of presence with the flexibility and accessibility of an online experience.”

What is different about 3D immersive environments when it comes to branding is that they allow the user to connect in a more emotional way to the content. “A visual impression to a person has more power that the written word even though the word can be seen over and over again. People relate more to pictures, they relate more to the visual aspect and it creates more meaning for them”, as said on the program.

Here is the link to listen to the full episode.


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