Sustainability, both environmental and economic, has become a primary concern and many businesses feel the responsibility to rethink the old ways in favor of more modern and greener solutions. For the events industry, virtual and hybrid events are proving to be the solution capable of reducing the environmental impact of events on sustainability while also providing new business possibilities.

A report by the Institute for Learning & Research Technology of the University of Bristol (UK) highlights how conferences, vendor presentations, and trade shows can have significant impact on the environment, ranging from the contribution to the emissions of Greenhouse Gases due to transportation to the increased use of water and of non-renewable energy. The report suggests Virtual Events are a solution to all these issues: the only requirements are a computer and an Internet connection.

While not disruptive for the environment, 3D Virtual events are disruptive for the event industry in creating new and highly interactive networking and marketing opportunities: global accessibility, real-time analytics that show the behavior of the attendees, and easy research tools to find the perfect fit for your business. This is why many organizers have started combining Virtual Events with physical ones, creating Hybrid events.

Hybrid events are the perfect match: with the virtual part to complement the physical one, guests and attendees can take part from all over the world, cutting down on travel pollution (and expenses) and reducing the over all impact, not to mention the benefits that a virtual events brings in terms of engagement, pre- and post-show accessibility to the materials, and interactive marketing.


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