Businesses are currently looking for new compelling ways of cutting through the digital noise. VR, and especially Social VR for the Enterprise, can help achieve this goal. This trend will soon reshape the way the marketing mix is conceived.


The marketing mix represents the set of tools that a business can use to communicate the benefits of its products and services to its customers.

It can include content marketing, social media marketing, and direct email marketing. These three marketing strategies together can contribute to attracting and converting new leads and prospects.

VR and 3D immersive virtual places make it possible to combine in one platform these three up-to-now separated marketing actions. How?

  1. Producing quality content is an integral part of the marketing strategy, if you want to become a leader in your industry. However, content is nothing without a well-thought and powerful content delivery strategy. Virtual reality represents an innovative and effective opportunity to deliver content in a novel and targeted way, by allowing anyone to access content through a personalized, effective and engaging experience. A business-optimized VR place supports all the various means of communication used to publish and share content, such as videos, social media and hyperlinks, brochures, papers, high resolution images organized in photo galleries. 3D immersive environments can also include 3D images, which enable users to see products from different angles as in real life. All the content is available in one single place, and organized in an immersive, clean and engaging way, encouraging the user to explore and learn more.
  1. In a 3D environment for business, effective life-like interaction can take place while consuming content via interacting avatars. This opportunity combines the benefits of accessing content efficiently, with the possibility of chatting and talking directly with the person or company that produced it. In a VR place you experience natural interaction patterns that are typical of real life.
  1. Direct email marketing can also take place with the help of a VR platform optimized for the enterprise. A VR space provides advanced behavioral analytics and contact information of leads and stakeholders and makes on-target follow-up easier than ever.


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