Derek Bradley, CEO of Panacea Adviser, and James Bradley, Head of e-Relationships, talked about their 3D virtual event “Retirement Choices 2016” with Roger Edwards (@Roger_Edwards) on the MPAF Podcast.

R. Edwards: “What would you say is the one big thing you’ve learned from running Retirement Choices 2016?”

J. Bradley: “It’s a much more efficient way of doing an event. [With a traditional event] you might have to travel, you might not be able to find the person you want to speak to straight away, or the keynote speech you wanted to go to is not on when you arrive there. It gives everyone a lot more efficient use of time.”

D. Bradley: “I think this 3D immersive game-like technology enabled real-life dynamics and allowed people to do business and find like-minded people in a space that is a demonstration that you can achieve [creating a feeling of presence] very simply.”

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