3D virtual events have proven their importance and have earned their place in the event business by disrupting the traditional schemes and turning obstacles into opportunities.

A vital component in the organization of a successful 3D virtual event is a comprehensive marketing strategy that leverages the advantage points given by this technology.

Here are our suggestions to launch a 3D virtual hub.

1. Organize a first launch event. Attract visitors and potential exhibitors with a content session to show what your event has to offer and why they’ll all want to be there from the very first second. You can give a sneak-peak of what the conversation at the event will be like and at the same time introduce the speakers or exhibitors by organizing interviews on social media.


During the launch event, create a twitter contest, try to get your event trending, and above all remember to interact with your guests as much as possible!

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2. Keep everyone in the loop. Regularly send updates presenting each new exhibitor, by announcing the increasing partners and attendees you’ll equip your visitors with the information they need to make the most of your event.

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3. Showcase content, presentations and initiatives on a regular basis (via newsletter, email blast, social media etc.), you’ll grab everyone’s attention and create even more excitement.


4. Get featured in blogs, press, newsletters etc. Ask your partners to reach out on their end too and make sure you give them all the information your attendees need.


5. Tweet, post facebook and linkedin updates daily to attract attendees. You should start from the very beginning and not wait until the exhibitors have joined!

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