Hyperfair is currently collaborating with Alibaba.com on bringing VR to the business world with a series of articles on Alibaba.com Biz Club.

Here is the first of the series:

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With the shipment of Oculus Rift starting on March 28, a new era is dawning. For many insiders, Virtual Reality is considered the next big thing, the next quantum leap in technology, something that will completely revolutionize the way we experience things, engage, play, learn and connect.

Virtual reality also represents an amazing business opportunity. Companies are developing new devices, users are craving for content and companies creating content for VR are being founded to meet this demand.

Virtual reality gives us new ways to experience the world. Not only will VR be revolutionary for the game and entertainment industries, but also for its applications in business. Just to name a few, we will increasingly be able to preview buildings and 3D objects, or to attend training courses and lectures, though there are uncountable fields where VR will bring about a revolution, from medicine to advertising, as well as many others that are currently largely unexplored.

Virtually every business can be “reinvented” through virtual reality. For example, in the foreseeable future, we will all be able to attend an event like CES from our home through VR.

However, the most fascinating thing is that VR is providing new immersive business opportunities that have so far been unthinkable. This will happen when people will have the tools to easily create by themselves the content they want.

A paradigm shift will take place when tools will be available for people not just to attend an event like CES, but to create their own VR event, their own industry “CES” for their own specific community. When tools will be available that empower people, giving everyone access to the possibility of easily and actively creating personalized VR content.

It happened when people started creating their videos and uploading them on YouTube instead of watching TV. When people started blogging instead of merely browsing websites. When people started debating about politics on Twitter instead of just reading newspapers.

Hyperfair is one of those empowering technologies. It is already a fully functional, avatar-based immersive platform running in the browser. Anyone can create their own virtual environment and host 3D immersive virtual events online to gather a community, start a new business, advertise products/services or as a new monetization channel to diversify revenue streams. Hyperfair is a 3D immersive platform optimized for business with already 24,000 registered users and will soon launch VR support to take the notion of “immersive business events” to the next level.