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E-MERGING’s VirtualFinFair is a VR event where independent financial experts can connect, chat, share and collect information from exhibitors. VirtualFinFair gathers exhibitors from all over Europe in many different fields: asset management solutions, financing, investments, insurance, real estates and many more. With each edition VirtualFinFair keeps growing and expanding, every year more exhibitors want a spot to showcase their services and products and more professionals worldwide register to learn about the latest innovations in the industry.

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GTE Financial is a leading Tampa (FL) $1.7 billion credit union with 22 offices, which rates among America’s top 50 credit unions for membership. GTE Financial’s GTE3D is the world’s first online 3D immersive credit union VR Branch, it redefines virtual banking and transforms the credit union experience. Just in the first week after the opening of GTE3D they had 500 visitors and 4,000 clicks on content.

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Retirement Choices 2016

Panacea Adviser is a unique and free resource that supports financial advisers, mortgage brokers and paraplanners by providing free online access to the latest news, tools, research, and business development ideas from product providers and support services all in one place. Their community includes over 21,000 professionals for whom they organized Retirement Choices 2016.

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