Expocrecer is a VR Hub dedicated to creating innovative experiences. One of the many initiatives they organized focused on Colombian Universities, giving students a unique opportunity to find the perfect institution to shape their future and allowing university staff to get to know their prospective students.

Often students can’t travel to all the different universities, get a full picture of the possibilities and many diverse training programs offered. Our platform makes it easier for students to have at their fingertips all the information they need to make their choice, and dissipate any doubt by asking directly to university representatives. Expocrecer’s Feria Universitaria was a fun and interactive opportunity for students to have complete and unprecedented access to the curricula of the top Universities in Colombia.


These are the top-tier Colombian Universities that participated:

Universidad del Rosario

Universidad EAN

Universidad EAFIT


Universidad Militar Nueva Granada

Universidad Externado de Colombia

Universidad Católica de Colombia


Universitaria Virtual Internacional

Fundación Universidad de América

Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno

Fundacion Universitaria Católica del Norte

International Business School IBS Budapest

Unidad Academica Virtual Y A Distancia Univida Fup

Universidad de Santander

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Gato Dumas – Colegio de Gastronomía

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