Global Startup Expo is the first VR Hub in the world dedicated to Startups. With an interactive platform, the Global Startup Expo is an innovative experience where attendees can explore new technologies, connect with investors, learn about incubators and crowdfunding possibilities while networking with peers, professionals, and press. The main partner was the accelerator program of one of Europe’s leading commercial banks, UniCredit Start Lab.

At the first event held in Global Startup Expo various experts (including Bob Dorf, internationally renowned startup guru and co-author of “The Startup Owner’s Manual”) gave live presentations and a jury of selected investors was tasked with getting to know all the startups and selecting the most promising.

analytics from the first Global Startup Expo

The VR Hub brought together startups and investors from all over: an entire pavilion was dedicated to African startups from Ghana and Kenya who had the opportunity to pitch they concept to some of the most prominent American business angels (Eric L. Dobson, Ceo of Angel Capital Group, Luca De Petris of Keiretsu Forum Southern California and Gary Jinks, Managing Director of South Valley Angels).

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