iPhoto Fair is organized by iPhoto Editora, one of the largest and most respected book publishers in Brazil. iPhoto Editora’s mission is to promote photography as an art and to increase accessibility, for both amateurs and professionals. That is why they decided to create a VR Hub were visitors would have the opportunity to buy equipment, meet suppliers, and learn from some of the best photographers thanks to free seminars and conferences.


iPhoto Fair revolutionized the industry by creating a space where companies could interact as avatars with visitors and present their solutions to photographers from all over the world through videos, brochures, photos and 3D images, 24/7 any day of the year.


iPhoto Editora’s VR Hub quickly proved to be a success, drawing in photography enthusiasts worldwide. By using Social VR they created the perfect flexible environment for photographers to meet new people and exchange tips, buy and sell solutions in an easy, fast and economic way.


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