Wellcare Marketing & Communication and Shackleton group teamed up to create PharmacyHub, a Social VR experience dedicated to the Italian pharmaceutical industry. PharmacyHub is a VR Hub, accessible 24/7 all year round, equipped with all the tools, services, and opportunities to help professionals grow their business.

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analytics from the first two weeks

Explore Terminal A1 to get in touch with the major players in the pharmaceutical industry, collect brochures and materials, and find solutions tailored to your business. All year round you can attend webinars and live presentations in PharmacyHub‘s Auditorium (check out the Flight Plan) and interact with other professionals working on getting their business to “take off” with the help of the best experts in the industry.

PharmacyHub looks at 5 main areas of the work of a pharmacist to equip the visitors with the best tools and materials, spanning from drugs to interior design & automation, from cosmetics to management, and a dedicated Startup Hub.

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