Ferias 360 is a VR Hub dedicated to creating new business opportunities and working relationships for its visitors. Within the last year and a half, Ferias 360 has acquired a reputation for hosting successful virtual University Fairs, using the HyperfairVR platform to connect thousands of high school students in Ecuador with prestigious domestic and international universities. Most recently, Ferias 360 decided to open its virtual doors to thousands of job seeking young adults at the first annual “Ferias Laborales”.



During this week-long event, thousands of attendees navigated their customized avatars through the virtual crowd of other attendees to meet representatives from domestic and international companies such as Nestlé, DHL, Unilever and more. All attendees had the opportunity to use the platform’s features to their advantage, such as downloading their resumes to customizable virtual business cards, which they could provide their potential employers while being interviewed face to face in real time. They were also able to explore the companies’ virtual booths inside the virtual pavilions, each custom designed with clickable posters, on demand videos and product cubes featuring photo galleries and 3D Images of the companies’ products.


Overall, about 3,500 attendees logged into the job fair just under 8,000 times throughout the week. Over 2,000 business cards were exchanged and over 3,000 chat conversations were had. Combined views of company videos, images, and products with the number of downloaded brochures and job descriptions resulted in a whopping 80,351 clicks on content during the event. It is easy to say that the event was a complete success and an example of VR engagement at its best.

Ferias 360 continues its dedication to bringing opportunities to its visitors through virtual reality as it prepares for the upcoming, first annual Post Graduate Fair “Postgrados Feria Virtual”.

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