On Hyperfair 900 Participants and 600 Chinese Businesses

Funded by the European Union, under the auspices of the European Commission and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, in partnership with Unesco, Council of Europe, ETC and National Geographic, the first EU-China Virtual Travel Fair on Cultural Tourism is an initiative created within the framework of the 2018 China-Europe Tourism Year, to facilitate the business-to-business (B2B) matchmaking in the travel industry between China and Europe with the aim of promoting joint initiatives to boost travel and cultural exchange.

Hyperfair is the virtual reality platform chosen for the project. It is the only virtual reality platform for social business experiences and brings to life highly-refined customized Virtual Reality environment accessible from any device to leverage Virtual Reality to foster EU-China relationships in the tourism industry. 


From the official EU-China Tourism Year page, people could get directly into the VR environment, explore content and engage with others. 

Get the vibe with this short clip:

The EU-China Tourism Year (https://ecty2018.org/) was decided by the EU Commission and the Chinese Prime Minister to promote lesser-known destinations, improve travel and tourism experiences, provide opportunities to increase economic cooperation and create an incentive to make quick progress on EU-China visa facilitation. It aims at supporting EU tourism businesses, authorities and all stakeholders involved in successful commercial and cultural exchanges between the EU and China.

VR debuts to EU-China Relationships thanks to Hyperfair VR technology

ECTY HF partner EU

Hyperfair is partner of EU-China Tourism Year – First social VR experience in the field. 

The initiative uniquely leverages virtual reality to foster EU-China relationships in the tourism industry providing an easily accessible platform for all stakeholders involved in commercial and cultural exchanges between the EU and China to engage with each other, create innovative experiences, showcase travel destinations, and present tourism services in a more impactful and memorable way, also providing valuable data and analytics for more personalized experiences, as well as seminars and conferences, all broadcast real-time online in this life-like environment.

The EU Travel Commission just released now a report presenting the results of all the initiatives that took place during the EU-China Year of Tourism.

In particular it emphasizes the important role of the Hyperfair platform that gathered 900 participants, including 600 Chinese businesses interacting with exhibitors representing 22 trans-European itineraries, 150 Eden destinations, and the 2019 European Capitals of smart tourism.

Take a look at the EU infographic by clicking on the image below:

ECTY infographics

Some pictures of the presentation that took place in Macao by Hyperfair CEO in October 2018:

ECTY Launch in macao

A final thought…

China is committed to Virtual Reality!

The ECTY Virtual Reality project taking place on the Hyperfair platform is particularly important in the light of the recent commitment of China to apply Virtual Reality to all fields of life.

ECTY China is committed to VR

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