Social shopping is one of the latest trends in retail and e-commerce. It allows people to be together in a purchase in a number of ways.

Social virtual reality platforms allow businesses and brands to create their own personalized environments, showcase products and services and engage their customers in virtual reality via avatars. That means that all the ingredients needed for social shopping are there to allow retailers to combine the best of VR product showcase with 3D products, while empowering social shopping communities to interact via avatar ‘real life’ thus, fueling the sense of ‘social reward’ connected to the sharing of information with the community.

Social shopping brings people with common interests and tastes together to discuss, share and buy. Within social VR stores, people can communicate, engage, provide and get information about products, prices and features. And all while looking at the product itself, as if a group of like-minded people was together on a ‘field trip’ at their favorite store.

VR is already the perfect medium for a realistic evaluation of a product from the comfort of the customer’s home. Instead of going out and looking for a product in a number of stores, people can put on a VR headset, go to their favorite stores (regardless of where the stores are located!), and could see the products in details and in all sorts of combinations.

A “Try-Before-You-Buy” Experience…

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