Avatar-based social VR is the real game changer in the online training industry as it finally brings to e-learning the sense of presence and immediacy typical of in-person classes.

Continuing education is increasingly growing in popularity and it is becoming more and more a necessity for the majority of us. In a variety of industries, such as medical industry, finance, engineering just to name a few, but also in many other professions, continuing education is mandatory to ensure that professionals are aware of the latest trends in their industry. Many of us nowadays are required to undergo training on a regular basis. Within the realm of continuing education, EdTech is increasingly gaining ground over in-person courses held in brick-and-mortar venues, considering that e-learning is more convenient, cost-saving, flexible and overall easier to organize than physical training.

Despite its popularity, however, traditional e-learning based on webinars and online classes has so far been missing something that can easily be achieved in a physical learning environment where a group of people gathers to learn: presence. With e-learning we gained in flexibility and cost-effectiveness, but this came at a price. We lost presence, that is an integral part of the in-person learning experience made up of collaboration, interaction and immediacy.

Bridging the Gap Between Online and In-Person Classes With Social VR

Virtual reality is now significantly advancing the online training industry and is set to disrupt the online learning experience. Thanks to avatar-based social VR, it is possible to create immersive learning experiences that combine the flexibility of online training, typical of e-learning, with the immediacy and real-life interaction, typical of physical in-person classes.

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